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How Much Is a Cash Payout on a Structured Settlement?

Just how much is a cash payout on a structured settlement? Those that are looking to have a one time lump sum payment instead of periodic payments of the settlement should take a good look at the various options that they have. But, what they will find is that the cash payout of a structured settlement varies widely from one company to the next. There are many fees to be taken into consideration as well as taxes even after that. What you get for selling your structured settlement will not be what you have coming to you from your annuity. The fact is that there are fees that will lessen this by a good amount. Certainly, there are many pros and cons to cashing out.

What Fees?

If you have gotten advertisements or found companies online that are looking to purchase your structured settlement, you may wonder why in the world they are offering to do so. The fact is that there is a large cut in the process that goes to them. These fees for cashing in your structured settlement payment will range quite a bit from one company to the next. But, you will be sure to see that they include fees for the application, for the legal procedure, from the notary, closing fees, service fees and more. These fees come to you usually through the structured settlement company looking to purchase your account.

In addition to this, you will also pay a considerable amount of money in taxes for receiving settlement advance cash. This is part of the cash payout but if you do not cash out you do not pay taxes on your annuity. Nevertheless, this is part of the cash payout amount you will be charged.

How Much?

It is hard to say what amount of your annuity you will get if you cash out. They vary from state to state and from one structured settlement buyer to the next. The best way for you to learn if one company is a better choice for you over another is to get a quote from that company. These quotes should be no obligation quotes that are offered to you through the internet or over the phone. You do not have to use any of these companies, but you can clearly see which can offer you the best possible outcome. How much is your cash payout on a structured settlement? To find out, use these quotes to help you.

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